Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

My friend, Anna's birthday was last weekend, and a whole bunch of us are getting together tonight to celebrate. Being the knitter I am, I decided I wanted to knit her something. I bought some variegated yarn and tried to make a cowl, and I hated it. So I made a hat with it instead, and I really don't like how it turned out. Back to the yarn store I go, and I picked up some Louet Gems Chunky on sale and spent the last two days making a pair of mittens. ^_^ Love these! I'm sure she'll like them.

Everyone is doing well with the contest~! Thanks so much for the support everyone :)


1. My blueprint for success includes positive thinking.
2. Wintergreen Lifesavers was the last candy I ate.
3. The best facial moisturizer I've ever used is some brand that start with an 'N' lol
4. Pie can be good therapy.
5. I'd like to tell you about my emotional problems, but that would be boring, so I tell you about my knitting instead :)
6. p is my strongest characteristic.
7. And as for the weekend, last night I looked forward to a knit night, today my plans include celebrating Anna's birthday and Sunday, I want to relax!


  1. Kitten With a Whiplash said...
    Cowl, then hat, then mittens. Once again the third time is the charm, and if we knew it before we started! The mittens are great, she's sure to love them.
    Anonymous said...
    Cute mittens! And I love your Friday Fill-In thing--do you make up the questions or get them from somewhere?
    Teena in Toronto said...
    Good job! I made a bunch of mittens last year and donated them to the needy.

    Happy blogoversary!
    ikkinlala said...
    Nice mittens!
    KnitWit said...
    Love the mittens! I haven't tried a pair yet, but I plan to soonish. =)
    Elaine said...
    I'll bet she loved the mittens. I'm a positive thinking person too.

    Happy blogiversary again.
    EJ said...
    Love them - lucky Anna!
    Jersey said...
    I agree - I'm sure Anna loved them!
    tom said...
    Another really nice pair.
    Rachel O said...
    Yikes - you really do turn them out. I love them!
    purple-power said...
    I love these too.
    Poohknits said...
    Wow you really are a go getter, I might have given up and bought something. I love the mittens, I really want to do a pair soon. Just have to pick a pattern. Maybe I will make some to go with my daughters Kittyville hat, that I am doing right now.
    Hope she love the gift.
    Anonymous said...
    I love these mittens, where can I find the pattern? I don't have a blog and don't even know where to begin on setting one up....:(

    Please leave me info on the pattern on Raverly under user Leency...thanks and does this count for the contest or do I need a blog......

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