Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

The Knitasaur is hosting a contest, in search of the perfect measurements of people's arms and hands! So, go enter in your measurements and say you found it through me!

In knitting news, Arbor has no changes since the other day, I'm moving and having panic attacks about moving my stash, and managed to make some progress on my blanket! (mom and dad, don't touch that link!)

Love and tea,

Okay, so I put it on, and it was way too big. And it was going so well too! Thankfully, I'm pretty sure the bodice is fine, it was just too long, which I can handle, so I marked a spot and frogged back to my marker, and am started the ribbing earlier than the pattern states. Hopefully I'm not wrong and screwing myself over, because right now this is what I'm seeing and it makes me very sad.

The upside is this!

It really could be worse. I had it on, and it looks how I think it should look. I think my problem was measuring from my armhole, rather than the actual length of the piece. I would love to blame that on the pattern, but it's just not realistic. Anyway, so this is where the ribbing is going to start, once I get the pattern to the right spot for it. Big set-back, but I really want to be able to wear this one!

First off, Strings and Purls is hosting a contest on her blog to celebrate her blogoversary! So, go on over and check her out.

Blog: stringsandpurls.blogspot.com
Contest: http://stringsandpurls.blogspot.com/2008/05/im-having-blogoversary-contest.html

Now onto other news. Nothing major to report in terms of knitting, however, I have made some additions to my yarn stash. I ordered the Knit Picks lace sampler, Sea View and it's LOVELY! I took pictures of it for my stash section on Ravelry, so I can post pictures of it here.

1) Shimmer — Bayou

2) Shadow — Spring Green

3) Alpaca Cloud — Tide Pool

4) Gloss Lace — Aegean

5) Gloss Lace — Mermaid

6) Shadow — Juniper

Very pretty stuff, and I'm very excited about what projects could come of them. I'm already dreaming of potential wedding ideas involving lace … mmm …

I also swung by Chapters after work today and picked up a new book (yes, we're still on the the lace topic). Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. It's lovely and has more to it than I initially noticed. Lots of patterns, lots of charts, a lot of instruction for those of us new to it, lots of pictures, and a whole section at the back dedicated to technique. It's awesome.

Check it out on Ravelry, or Amazon. You can probably get it cheaper in-store than online. I'm not too certain why it's so expensive on Amazon, when you can pay half that in a book store.

There's also knit-a-long for this book here: Victorian Lace Knit-a-Long
A pretty fantastic review by Grumperina on her blog.
And official corrections for the book as a downloadable PDF

I've made major progress on Arbor (ravelry link) over the last couple of days. Not only am I nearing the halfway mark, I've managed to separate for the (short) sleeves, and am almost ready to finish the bodice. I believe the next step is to try it on to make sure I haven't messed anything up. The white/provisional cast on edge at the top of the picture below is where the neckling "will be".

And here is my sleeve cap. I'm very excited about the construction of this shirt. I'm hoping I might even have it done in time to show off at the next Carleton Knit night!

I feel the need to say, learning to do a Russian Join has been my saviour! You just can't do a spit and splice join with cotton, and I've barely had to do any weaving at all. Fantastic.

I feel guilty about my last post, and how sadly lacking in photos it was. To make up for it, I'm posting again, about my knit shirt. I'm knitting Arbor in a cotton dk yarn, and I'm nervous about this project. Last time I got over-confident so now I'm not so sure.

Well, I have made progress since the last time I posted about it, so here's an updated photo. I've reached the end of the first skein, but now the first repeat of the pattern. Check out my project page on Ravelry!

I'm still working hard on mom and dad's christmas surprise, but needed to work on something a bit more challenging, and Arbor's lace was just the challenge I needed. I think I'll work a bit on Arbor and then go back to the 'surprise' this weekend.

I'm not posting about it here, because I don't want the giftee to see what I'm making them. If you're not mom and dad, see my progress update (with pictures!) here.

~ Liz

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