Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

This is a re-cap of my 2008 knitting adventures. Read the blurb, and click the image for the original post.

I knit Bubby as part of my first-ever swap experience. I had only just learned to knit in the round, and had never made anything either so small, or so complex, before. On top of that, he was a gift, and so I had to make sure he wasn't too terribly made. He did end up being a little lop-sided ;) This was my first knitted item of 2008, and he was finished on January 10th, and shipped out a few days later. Click the image for the original post.

This was a quick and simple knit. I had left-over yarn from a Christmas project, and needed to sleep in the afternoons when I have migraines. I couldn't find a free pattern that suited my needs, so I made it myself. January 18, 2008.

I knit this baby hat using left over yarn from slippers at Christmas-time. It was for a baby girl, so I added embroidered flowers. It ended up working very well! March 1, 2008.

I knit this hat with my friend, Jeannine in mind. It was supposed to be "slouchy" but I mis-judged how much yarn I needed, and it ended up being more of a cap. March 2, 2008.

I bought this yarn with nothing in mind, other than me touching it and going mmmm soft. I was going to knit the Bristol neckwarmer pattern, but ended up ignoring it completely (well, not completely…). It's a great pattern, and I would love to try it someday for real! Finished February 26, 2008.

I knit this for my niece, Emma. She was born in May of this year, and looked adorable in the dress. She doesn't even fit in it anymore, but it's been mended and is now ready for baby number two (or any other future babies). Click the image for the original post. Finished March 17, 2008.

I had some left-over yarn from my neck warmer I knit early in the year, and decided to kit some slippers for Chris. They were warm and squishy, and now live inside of his other, purchased slippers. Finished March 25, 2008.

My very first sweater! All in all, I liked the pattern, and i think it was a great sweater but I messed up on the armholes. It's also REALLY warm, as it's made out of wool (go me), and a little on the small side. So, it was a good learning experience, but will probably revert to the vest it was before I added sleeves… maybe a little longer in the ribbing on the bottom. Finished April 3, 2008.

I knit some cabled arm-warmers for my friend Anna. These were long overdue, and so were sort of an early birthday present, even though her birthday was in November. The pattern is pretty much my own, and the cable pattern is borrowed from a book even if it is a really simple one. I intentionally off-set the cables and I think they look pretty cool. Finished April 16, 2008.
Download Twisted Cabled Armwarmers Pattern:

I had some yarn left over from the arm warmers (see above) and decided to put it to good use and make my friend, Anna a lace scarf to wear with her arm warmers ^^ It's a lovely lace pattern, and it turned out nicely. Finished April 20, 2008.

I was so excited to try something with the recycled sari yarn I picked up at my LYS; Knit-knackers. (they have bunnies!) I made the Paris Loop (rav link). I figured I had enough yarn since I had purchased two skeins. I decided I wanted it to be wearable since it's so soft, and opted not to do a bag or something. Shame it's so stinky. Finished June 18, 2008.

This lace pullover was my first garment. I am so happy that I successfully churned out something that I can actually wear without looking like a crazy knitting person. I get compliments, and unless they know I knit, no one wonders if I made it. I am so happy with it. Finished June 5, 2008.

I knit these slippers for my dad at the end of June (early christmas knitting). It's hard to know if they'll fit, though his feet are only half an inch longer than mine so I can guess based on how they fit me that they should be alright. They turned out well, but they're more like socks than slippers. I need to make him a pair in a really warm and soft yarn. Finished July 7, 2008.

These took me just under 1 week to finish. They're my very first socks, and super comfortable. The pattern was pretty awesome too. Wow my toes look weird! lol Finished July 12, 2008.

Knit a headband for my friend Alex for her birthday. Finished it in just over a day, and never had a chance to take a finished picture. Maybe she'll take one for me someday. Finished July 26, 2008.

knit this neckwarmer on a whim for my friend Rin when I was home visiting. Finished August 31, 2008.

Knit Muir in a worsted weight, instead of lace. I only did 7 of the 13 repeats and made it more of a lap-blanket. Finished September 1, 2008.

Lace shawl for one of my bridesmaids. Shawl 1 of 5. Finished July 22, 2008.

Knit for the second hat attack. I assassinated my target within the first week, and was assassinated myself the following Monday. Lots of fun. Finished September 28, 2008.

A hat for my brother for Christmas. I love it. It was fast to knit, it's soft and sqooshy and warm, and I think he'll love it. Hooray! Finished September 30, 2008.

I knit these socks for my mom for Christmas. These were my very first pair of wool socks, as well as my first pair of full-length socks. I actually love how the wool feels on my feet, and want to make a pair for myself. Finished September 29, 2008.

This hat marked the beginnings of my christmas-knitting for my fiancé's familiy. It's really warm wool from knit-picks.com and is super stretchy. It'll be a great warm hat. Finished October 12, 2008.

Knit with one skein of Mirasol Hacho, and another random yarn that I now hate. It pills and it's gross. I'm considering ripping it out and doing it again with a different contrasting colour. The mirasol is awesome and they keep my wrists warm. Finished October 10, 2008.

My very first pair of gloves with fingers. I knit a picot edged pair of gloves for my mother in law to-be, and I am very excited about them. The yarn is a mix of merino wool and silk, and they're really warm and soft. I'm sure she'll love them. Finished October 18, 2008.


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