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Progress? What Progress?

So Thermal has been thoroughly neglected this week. I can't even blame it on "second sock syndrom" since I'm not even finished the first sleeve yet. I think I may be intimidated by the should er cap. Can I blame it on the ambiguous "knit these 4 rows 5 times more" part of the pattern. Which 4 rows??? I'm so confused… maybe someone will read this and take pity on me because I'm afraid to continue less I completely muck up a perfectly good sweater sleeve.

In other news, I knit a baby hat the other night ^_^ They're awesome 'cause they're so quick! I even manged to use up some stash that's been lying around since well before Christmas. I'm going to add some embroidery to it this weekend and then maybe I'll have some FO pics to share. As of right now, you'll have to be satisfied with other internet silliness.

I know it's Photoshop but it still makes me happy ^___^

Rachel Denny Knitting Fun:

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The first sleeve is nearing completion. I am just about to start the cap of the right shoulder, and hopefully I'll be able to attach the sleeve by the end of the day! The cuff of the second sleeve is done, and this sweater is starting to look like I might finish it a month before schedule. You get pictures once I've attached the sleeve, cause right now it doesn't look much different from the last time I posted.

Other knitting

I really feel like I should be working on my other knitting. I joined the Year Long Give along and haven't even touched any of my gift knitting since the beginning of January. And that's not for lack of projects to knit, I just am way more motivated to finish my sweater than to do anything else right now. I have so many things that I want to knit for people too. There's no real excuse.

Gift knitting list:

  • Baby knitting for Mike and Anik who are going to be having a baby girl in April. I'm thinking something from Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby book but can't decide what since there are so many adorable things to choose from!

  • I also have two bleated requests for slouchy hats (one on hold because I failed to purchase enough yarn to finish it *sigh*)
  • As well as a request for fingerless mittens that are getting procrastinated on because of a poor yarn choice
  • I have two new requests for leggings out of Knitting Lingerie Style which are adorable, but I would end up knitting how many pairs? Not only that but I want a pair too!

  • And then there's birthdays and weddings and Christmas for that matter! What have I gotten myself into?
So after all of that, who can blame me for being happy knitting slowly away at my waffle stitch sweater? It's peaceful, it's on my timeline, no one cares if I mess it up but me, and when I'm done, I get to keep it!

Hot Cocoa Swap

I mailed out my package for the hot cocoa swap on Tuesday. I'm told it should arrive in 7 business days but they're often earlier than they say they'll be. On the flip side, my spoiler apparently mailed my package out on Tuesday as well. That's cool, and now I have something fun to wait for in the mail. I love getting mail, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope my spoilee likes her package! This is my first swap and I really want it to go over well.


My birthday is on Valentine's day. Some people think I'm lucky because I get "double" spoiled on my birthday, but really, I think I'm missing out on something. Every year, we celebrate my birthday and Valentine's day doesn't get much of any reaction at all from me. So this year, as per my suggestion, we're going to have a Valentine's dinner with the just the two of us on my birthday. I bought a bottle of wine and I'm going to make a nice dinner. Chris is buying pie for dessert and I bought him a gift for Valentine's day which is something I've never done for anyone ever before.

I guess it's because it's always been my day and I think I held some resentment for this day of love. I often get neglected by my loved ones because they're off doing romantic things and no one has the time to come over and celebrate with me. We're hoping for a gathering on Saturday to do my birthday stuff and we'll see how celebrating Valentine's day goes. It's a unique experience for me, and a rare one for him. I'm nervous *lol*

I may have other news soon but that will have to wait until after saturday. Ha ha ha! You're left to wonder!

(I promise the next post will have pictures!)

I feel like I'm nearing the end of Thermal! I'm very excited. It's a little silly to think I'm almost done, but it's just because I'm at 75% completion. I have to keep reminding myself just how long 25% will take *sigh* It's going well though. The body is completely done, minus the collar and some end-weaving.

Thermal body complete!

I'm about half-way done the first sleeve. It's little rough around the edges. I think I just needed to get back into double pointed needles again and had to almost remind myself how to do it. I felt a little incompetent at first but it's getting easier. The biggest worry now is this: how do I attach the sleeves? Will they fit the body right? Will they be too long? Will they look retarded? Only time will tell. In the mean-time, it's Super Liz!

Super Liz!

I wanted to show off the sweater as it is to date, and the photo is a little amusing. I may need to stretch it out a bit when I block it to make it a little longer and it's quite warm so we'll see how much I get to wear it. I'm almost tempted to leave it as it is but I think that's my desire for spring talking.

I got a late start to the gift-a-long due to email issues, but I'm here now! Here's my list so far, I figure it'll grow some as the year progresses.

1. Gift Item: Thermal (sweater)
Recipient: Myself
Occasion: Because I haven't knit anything for myself in awhile and thought I was due
Deadline: No real deadline, but if I finish by March at the latest that's not so bad
Notes: This is my first sweater and it's proving to be challenging but fun.

2. Gift Item: Evangeline (fingerless mittens)
Recipient: Anna
Occasion: is love an occasion?
Deadline: I'd like to finish them by mid-February

3. Gift Item: Cabled Rangoli hat (PDF Download)
Recipient: Jeannine
Occasion: more love
Deadline: I'd like to finish by mid-February

4. Gift Item: Something 'baby'
Recipient: my boyfriend's future niece
Occasion: Baby being born
Deadline: April

Gift ideas:

  • baby bonnet
  • baby booties
  • blanket
  • dish cloth
  • mug and cozy
  • neck warmer (tudora)
  • hat
  • lace shawl
  • scarf
  • tea cozy
  • yoga matt bag

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