Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

I feel like I'm nearing the end of Thermal! I'm very excited. It's a little silly to think I'm almost done, but it's just because I'm at 75% completion. I have to keep reminding myself just how long 25% will take *sigh* It's going well though. The body is completely done, minus the collar and some end-weaving.

Thermal body complete!

I'm about half-way done the first sleeve. It's little rough around the edges. I think I just needed to get back into double pointed needles again and had to almost remind myself how to do it. I felt a little incompetent at first but it's getting easier. The biggest worry now is this: how do I attach the sleeves? Will they fit the body right? Will they be too long? Will they look retarded? Only time will tell. In the mean-time, it's Super Liz!

Super Liz!

I wanted to show off the sweater as it is to date, and the photo is a little amusing. I may need to stretch it out a bit when I block it to make it a little longer and it's quite warm so we'll see how much I get to wear it. I'm almost tempted to leave it as it is but I think that's my desire for spring talking.


  1. betseydoodle said...
    hey look at you! Great job so far - stick with it!
    Fran said...
    Oh, that's hot. You should leave it as a tank top and arm warmers, it looks badass!

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