Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

Wow, now that the Q2 Challenge is over, I can start to concentrate on other knitting. That was a marathon! I think some selfish-knitting is going to take place this month, but I do have some knitting plans for gifts:

1. Gift Item: Green Slippers in Mission Falls 1824 Cotton (pattern) (ravelry) by Sarah M. Hughes
Source: Pop Smear
Recipient: Dad
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 2008
Other info: I should be able to finish these fairly quickly. Maybe I can make two pairs?

2. Gift Item: Cozy stole in Bernat Super Value Solids (pattern) (ravelry) by Danielle Schoonover
Source: Knitty, Fall 2004
Recipient: Chantelle (Sister-in-law)
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 2008
Other info: Using up some stash yarn!

3. Gift Item: Bridesmaid Stoles in Knitpicks Shadow
Recipient: The bridesmaids; Anna, Rin, Lise, Elsa and Kim
Occasion: Christmas
Deadline: December 2008
Other info: I haven't decided on the pattern(s) yet, but my hope is to at least start swatching them out this month.

Q3 Challenge!

I'm happy to say that most of the items on this list already qualify as Q3 challenges.

  1. Finish a work-in-progress: The slippers for my dad (pattern)(ravelry) were started last week, and I will need yarn before being able to get to them again, but I'm reasonably sure I can finish them by Sep 30.
  2. Start and finish a gift item: The cozy stole (pattern)(ravelry) will fit into this category nicely!
  3. Knit something for yourself: I'm currently working on Arbor (pattern)(ravelry), and again, need more yarn before I can continue. But I think I can finish this. I do however want to make something else for myself, and have some Fiddlesticks lace yarn that could make a lovely wrap (ravelry)(pattern) for me ^_^. There's also the socks I'm knitting as well, which are going really well.
Here's the most current photo of Arbor. I don't have one with me in it as of yet, and it still needs a lot of work (1.5 inches added to the hem, finished sleeves, and finished yoke. And the yoke might be too big and have to be ripped back a bit.)

And the latest on my sock!

And I know I'm not American, but happy Independence Day to all my American readers!


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