Yarn-Over, Ligature… Same Difference.
lig·a·ture [lig-uh-cher, -choor] noun. — Printing. a character or type combining two or more letters. (Yarn overs aren't all that different)

Reflections on Thermal

The initial plan was to stick to the pattern. I am apparently incapable of doing that. Everything I've knit since the very beginning has been modified is some way or another; yarn, needle size, size of the object being knitting, etc, etc… So of course, Thermal is no exception. I started with deciding to make it longer.

Looking at people's FO's on Ravelry made me decide that I probably want a longer sweater than what's pictured. Just preference. Then I'm all like, oh yeah, I can do short row shaping and put in darts. No problem. Just ignore the fact that I'm completely new at this, have never done a sweater before, and just thinking about doing this is giving me panic attacks.

Okay, so, we have the lengthened sweater, the short row shaping, and then we're removing the "split" with the buttons. Yeesh… I'm afraid that I'm biting off more than I can chew here. I also don't like that I have to bind of the inside edge and pick up to do the ribbing later. I'm af raid that it's going to look like crap and these months of effort are all going to be a waste because I fail at the stupid neckline finish.

On a happier note: I am now officially 30%! Behold!

BOOKS! I love books. I read a lot. I'm very sad that since I started knitting, reading has very much taken the back burner. I guess I could get audio books, but it's just not the same *sigh*. To fill this hole, I have begun buying knitting books ^__^;;;; Here are some of my newest acquisitions.

Book Reviews

Cables & arans: 250 stitches to knit Interweave Press; The Harmony Guides edited by Erika Knight

I was hesitent to buy any of the harmony guides after reading some reviews that though they are helpful, the photos left a little to be desired; too small, and didn't show enough detail with the patterns.

After looking at the lace guide, I completely understand what they were complaining about, however I found the cable guide not to have the same problem. IMO there are a lot of patterns in here that I would love to try, it includes written instructions as well as charts, and even the non-knitter boyfriend was interested and wanted to flip through and see what was there. I'm looking forward to modifying patterns in the future to incorporate some of the patterns from this book ^___^

Knitting Lingerie Style: More than 30 basic and lingerie-inspired designs
by Joan McGowan-Michael

I was very excited with this book. I have been looking for a book with some nice, fitted designs. Ones that maybe I can modify, but don't necessarily have to. All of the designs in this book could either be made as lingerie, or done "appropriately" for every day wear. They are lovely and I can't wait to try out some of them!

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  1. sienna said...
    There's a stitch 'n' bitch tonight (just found out yesterday) but it's in a home so I don't want to leave the address in a comment. I'm sending it to your ravelry too. I'm 90% going. Call me at home this aft if you get this.

    [glad you liked my blanket post!!]



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