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Knitting Year in Review

Yeah, okay, so it's not much of a "year" when you've only really learned to knit in July, and have only been seriously knitting since November ^^;; so, many a Christmas 2007 review? *sigh* I'm special.

*ahem* Onward! The final count:

2 pairs of mittens, one of them fingerless
4 hats
4 scarves (1 repeat)
1 dish cloth
1 pair of slippers
1 bag that I really need to line! Gah~!

The biggest loser was probably the bag since I keep meaning to finish it, but never do ^^;; (And you don't even get to see a picture of it so there!)

In first place I think I'll put Dashing fingerless mittens that I knit for my friend Lise (They're going in the mail soon, I promise!) in England because learning how to cable was a pretty big wall for me and I was pretty nervous about it. Thanks to these mittens, I'm fearless!

In close second I think I'll put the mittens I made for Grandpa for Christmas. Another hurdle was colour-work. At least to this degree. I think I was expecting it to be more difficult…

New years eve was an enjoyable evening with some friends, and I started a sweater so that's a great way to start the new year I think!

I was resisting doing the typical new years resolutions this year, but I think maybe I can make some knitting resolutions.

1) Finish this sweater this year. I don't know how ambitious this is, but I do know that I have a crappy attention span so we'll have to wait and see if I lose interest or not.

2) Go to at least one knitting gathering a month

3) Participate in at least one swap per season

4) blog at least once per week (to encourage knitting? Perhaps ^_^)

5) knit a pair of socks!

2007 FO's


Drop Lacestitch Wascloth

(Christmas game contribution)

knit sleep mask



(Fingerless Mittens at Knitty)

bubby (knit bear)


Manly Mitts

(free pattern at knitty)

bubby (knit bear)



(hat on Knitty)

bubby (knit bear)


Cotton slippers

(modified pattern)

bubby (knit bear)


Calorimetry headband

(free pattern on knitty)

bubby (knit bear)


Brown vine-stitch scarf

bubby (knit bear)


Reversible lace-stitch scarf

bubby (knit bear)


Vine-stitch scarf (blue)

bubby (knit bear)


Mock-cable slouchy hat in green

bubby (knit bear)


  1. Felicia said...
    Hi! I popped over from the Hot Cocoa swap blog. Love your slippers - care to share the pattern source?
    Liz said...
    Sure! The pattern is here:

    But I modified it to be a bit more "manly" by changing the lattice work into stripes. Thanks for reading (and commenting!!)

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